Parish Councillors

Councillor Contact details

Ray Dobson                  01947 810334   Vice Chairman

Duties include: Monitor of public conveniences/noticeboard for maintenance issues; layer of poppy wreath, periodic checks on garths, benches

Catherine Raistrick

Duties include: Periodic checks on garths

David Potter                  01947 811695     Chairman

Duties include: Periodic checks of Garths, paths

Mark Sheen                  07814 452000

Duties include: Garth fines, finances

Mike Garbutt

Sarah Potter

Duties include: Planning 

All Councillors take it in turns to be a representative at third party meetings

Parish Clerk: Connie Wiggins

Please note that the Parish Clerk is employed on a part time basis and this will affect the response times to any contact made

Parish Councillors Register of Interest Forms May 2023

To view the councillors Register of Interest Forms please following this link:

Register of Interest Forms May 2023